About Us

Meet Angela and Moe. Their story goes back 15 years ago when they created and built a successful charity helping their community. Now they've teamed up again, combining all their experience in event planning, designing and marketing to bring you beautiful gifting solutions for all occasions.


Angela was born on the plains of Texas, raised in the Colorado Rockies, and spent the last 20 years in Palm Beach.  She is drawn to the outdoors and everything wilderness but also loves her shoe collection.  Her versatile life has given her the ability to relate to all walks of life.  She’s known to throw tea parties and loves to bow hunt, deep sea, and fly fish with her husband, an avid hunter and outdoorsman.

In 2012, Angela added "homeschool mom" to her resume'. It made her think outside the box and be creative. With her daughter now at Liberty University and her son finishing up highschool, she spends most of her free time serving at her church as a Group Leader Coach and working in production. She has a gift for communication and loves to connect with individuals and groups in different capacities.

Maureen (Moe)

Moe is a San Diego native and has lived all over the nation from the east coast to the west. She's worked on yachts traveling around the tropics, managed hotel banquets, and has done extensive work in multiple charities and businesses - she has spent her life party planning! She is your go-to-gal for charcuterie boards & loves to throw an annual Academy Awards party.

Moe is a proud mama bear of her two daughters - one in college (go Seminoles!) and the other a senior in high school with one foot out the door. Her handsome hubby is from the "Show-Me State" and can fix almost anything. Together they love the outdoors and cooking for friends and family.  Moe loves bringing people together and making memorable moments.  



Why the Sparrow?

~The Sparrow is a small bird that symbolizes joy,

teamwork and community. ~

By teaming up with our community of vendors across America, we create beautiful gifts we hope will bring you joy.

How the Journey Started



Picture two gals on a road trip minus the cliff dive and Brad Pitt. Like two partners in crime, we left the husbands at home and hit the highway for a weekend out of the quarantined house to retrieve our college students’ abandoned dorms. We thought it would be a breath of fresh air. But it was also a revelation of how truly devastating our 2020 shutdown was on our economy. Driving through one small town after another and seeing closed signs on many small-town businesses got us thinking, “how can we help?”...


Sparrow Box Co. is our way of supporting hard working businesses and artisans in this country we love so much. As our children are growing up and moving out, we skipped the convertible sports car, stuck with the SUV and we moved into Angela's husband's 1500 sq.ft. studio, filling his man cave with crinkly paper and ribbon. (Our husbands really love us.)


That’s when Sparrow Box Co. was born. Our mission is to create modern gift boxes showcasing artisans and businesses across America.  


Whether you are a corporate company wanting to nurture your business relationships or a person wanting to show gratitude, we can help. We love our nation of entrepreneurs and strive to build a team of American craftsmen to bring you beautiful quality products in a modern design. When you invest in a SBC box, you become a part of a bigger team that is thriving together.


If you have found us, the hardest work is done! Let us put the finishing touches on a heartfelt gift from you with just a couple clicks.